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Library under development. Backward compatibility not guaranteed before version 1.0.


To use pie charts in an Android project, include the following dependencies:

dependencies {

    // Pie Charts dependency:
    implementation "$android_charts_version"

    // Material Design styles for Pie Charts: 
    implementation "$android_charts_version"

See also Material Design styles for pie charts.


To add a pie chart to a layout, use a PieChart view:

    android:layout_height="match_parent" />

Never use wrap_content to determine the size of a PieChart. This value will set the size to 0dp. Instead, you may use layout_constraintHeight_percent attribute of a ConstraintLayout.


Available Attributes

Pie Chart

PieChart view has the following attributes:

Attribute Description
android:padding View padding
android:gravity Gravity of the pie chart inside the view
pieChart_rotationAngle Rotation angle of the pie chart (start angle of the first slice)
pieChart_dataSetInterpolator Interpolator for data set changes animation
pieChart_dataSetAnimationDuration Duration of data set changes animation (in milliseconds)
pieChart_selectionInterpolator Interpolator for slice selection animation
pieChart_selectionAnimationDuration Duration of slice selection animation (in milliseconds)
pieChart_ui Name of a class implementing PieChart.UI
pieChart_uiAppearance Style for the PieChart.UI
pieChart_labelsPaddingHorizontal Additional horizontal padding for labels
pieChart_labelsPaddingVertical Additional vertical padding for labels
pieChart_labelsPaddingFromText Text to be measured to determine as padding for labels
pieChart_labelsUI Name of a class implementing PieChart.LabelsUI
pieChart_labelsAppearance Style for the PieChart.LabelsUI

Simple Pie Chart UI

Set pieChart_ui to

SimplePieChartUI has the following attributes:

Attribute Description
simplePieChartUI_colors * A single color state list or an array of state lists for pie chart slices
simplePieChartUI_shadowColor Pie chart slice shadow color
simplePieChartUI_sliceSpacing Pie chart slice spacing
simplePieChartUI_selectionShift Outwards shift distance of a selected slice
simplePieChartUI_selectionElevation Elevation of a selected slice

*) See also Defining Lists Of Colors.

Donut Pie Chart UI

Set pieChart_ui to

DonutPieChartUI has the following attributes:

Attribute Description
donutPieChartUI_colors * A single color state list or an array of state lists for donut chart slices
donutPieChartUI_shadowColor Donut chart slice shadow color
donutPieChartUI_donutWidth Donut width
donutPieChartUI_donutSpacing Pie chart slice spacing
donutPieChartUI_selectionWidth Width of a selected donut slice
donutPieChartUI_selectionShift Outwards shift distance of a selected slice
donutPieChartUI_selectionElevation Elevation of a selected slice

*) See also Defining Lists Of Colors.

Simple Pie Chart Labels UI

Set pieChart_ to

SimplePieChartLabelsUI has the following attributes:

Attribute Description
simplePieChartLabelsUI_textAppearance Text appearance as defined in charts-core
simplePieChartLabelsUI_labelPosition Labels position, inside or outside the chart
simplePieChartLabelsUI_labelSpacing Labels spacing from the edge of the pie chart
simplePieChartLabelsUI_labelMinPercent Minimum slice value in percent to display a label

Provided Styles

See also Material Design styles.

Pie Chart – Light Theme

Style: AndroidCharts.PieChart.Simple.LightTheme

Pie Chart – Dark Theme

Style: AndroidCharts.PieChart.Simple.DarkTheme

Donut Chart – Light Theme

Style: AndroidCharts.PieChart.Donut.LightTheme

Donut Chart – Dark Theme

Style: AndroidCharts.PieChart.Donut.DarkTheme

Custom UI

To define a custom style for PieChart, you can create your own implementation of PieChart.UI and/or PieChart.LabelsUI.

Data Set Adapters

Provided Adapters

There are data set adapters provided for basic types:

  • IntListPieChartAdapter
  • LongListPieChartAdapter
  • FloatListPieChartAdapter
  • DoubleListPieChartAdapter


val adapter = FloatListPieChartAdapter(requireContext())
pieChart.adapter = adapter = listOf(0.1f, 0.2f, 0.3f)

Custom Adapters

It is also possible to define a custom data set adapter for any data type, e.g.:

data class MyData(
    val name: String,
    val amount: Int

A data set adapter can be defined as:

class CustomPieChartAdapter : PieChart.DataSetAdapter() {

    var data: List<MyData> = emptyList()
        set(value) {
            field = value

    override val size: Int get() = data.size
    override val sum: Float get() = data.sumBy { it.amount }.toFloat()
    override fun get(index: Int): Float = data[index].amount.toFloat()
    override fun getLabel(index: Int): String = data[index].name