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Simplifying Android Espresso Test Rules With Reified Type Parameters

June 04, 2017
How to simplify Android Espresso test rules with reified type parameters in Kotlin

Delegating Android SharedPreferences in Kotlin

May 17, 2017
How to solve the problem of boilerplate code related to SharedPreferences in Android applications

Delegates for SharedPreferences—Release 0.1 (

May 14, 2017
A set of Kotlin delegates storing values in Android SharedPreferences

Most Common Typographical Errors in Software (

January 17, 2017
All tests are green, spelling is double-checked, and you believe, there are no errors in your software? After reading this article, you may change your mind.

Functional Square Matrix in Kotlin

June 19, 2016
How to create a simple functional square matrix in Kotlin programming language