When I was 8, I got my first computer—Commodore 64. Apart from playing games, I used it to write my first programmes in BASIC and its more sophisticated version—Simons’ BASIC.

Since the beginning of PC era, I have gone a long way through different programming languages. I started with Pascal, which was excellent for learning. For most assignments at the University, I used C++. Finally, Java became my favourite language for many years.

I have never stopped learning though. I got particularly interested in functional languages running on the JVM—Scala and Kotlin.

However, I believe that the language is not the most important aspect of programming. As it is impossible for a single software developer to write a whole programme, clean code is crucial for success of every project. Moreover, since computers are widely used, not only by scientists, user experience is essential for commercial success of the product.

My goal is to create beautiful software that people like to use, by writing beautiful code that programmers like to read.