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Supported features

  • OBJ file format,
  • MTL file format,
  • navigation between OBJ and MTL files,
  • 3D preview of OBJ file:
    • text only, preview only, or split,
    • selection of up axis,
    • Gouraud shading model.

Planned features

The following features are already under consideration, so please refrain from requesting them in issue tracker.

  • 3D preview improvements:
    • additional shading models: flat and Phong,
    • textures,
    • highlighting selected element,
    • applying materials from MTL files.

Supported operating systems

3D preview is supported for:

  • Windows:
    • i586
    • AMD64
  • macOS
  • Linux:
    • i586
    • AMD64
    • ARMv6hf
    • AArch64


  • Using IDE built-in plugin system:

    Preferences > Plugins > Marketplace > Search for "Wavefront OBJ" > Install Plugin

  • Manually:

    Download the latest release and install it manually using:

    Preferences > Plugins > ⚙️ > Install plugin from disk...


OBJ File Type And Editor

After installation, .obj and .mtl file extension will be automatically associated with Wavefront OBJ/MTL file format and editor.

3D Preview Controls

  • Hold mouse left button on the 3D preview and move to pan the camera.
  • Use mouse wheel to zoom in/out.


  • To change Wavefront OBJ editor color scheme, use:

    Preferences > Editor > Color Scheme > Wavefront OBJ

  • To change Wavefront MTL editor color scheme, use:

    Preferences > Editor > Color Scheme > Wavefront MTL

  • To change plugin configuration, use

    Preferences > Languages & Frameworks > Wavefront OBJ